Kilimanjaro Region Schedule

Here is the schedule of activities for the group (as of July 30) while ‘on the ground’ in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is the region in which the Hedaru village is located.


Kilimanjaro Region Schedule





Aug 3

  • Leave DSM at 10:00 am
  • Fly out of DSM to Amsterdam


Aug 4

  • Fly from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro
  • Arrive in TZ at 8:30 pm
  • Stay in Moshi at Uhuru Hostel


Aug 5

  • Money changer in Moshi
  • Visit Heifer Farm and Simon Sandilen
  • Drive to Same
  • Night:  Elephant Hotel, Same (Sheri meet Pr. Mrutu)


Aug 6

  • Visit Pare Diocese and Bishop
  • Visit Manzanzale Mhezi village (Maasai)
  • 4:00 leave for Hedaru
  • Night:  Hedaru


Aug 7

  • Hedaru: Katahe, Gunge


Aug 8

  • Hedaru-church
  • Meet with women’s group and youth after church
  • Meet with widows and orphans


Aug 9

  • Hedaru:  Kongei, Gama, Mabilioni, Majengo


Aug 10

  • Hedaru:  visit Pr. Luhwa’s home in Kihurio
  • Hedaru Clinic
  • Goat Farmers


Aug 11

  • Hedaru-Dedication of Water Project
  • Late afternoon: Leave for Same
  • Evening off in Same
  • Night: Elephant Hotel


Aug 12

  • Morning off in Same
  • Afternoon: Visit Women’s Dept., ELCT-PD (Carol in charge)
  • All day:  Sheri meet with Eli K @ Elephant
  • Night: Elephant Hotel


Aug 13

  • Sheri visit District Engineer Mtango
  • Group visit Camel project (Carol in charge)
  • Afternoon:  Leave for Gonja Hospital
  • Night:  Gonja, Bombo in mountains


Aug 14

  • Spend day at Gonja visiting hospital and Didoma Teacher’s College
  • Return to Same, late afternoon
  • Night:  Elephant Hotel, Same


Aug 15

  • Church at  Kisangara in Mwanga District
  • Lunch
  • 2:00 Leave for Arusha
  • 6:00 Drop Jim at KIA
  • Night in Arusha at Equator Hotel


Aug 16

  • leave early for Ngorongoro Crater (Duma)
  • Night in Karatu


Aug 17

  • leave early for Arusha
  • Coffee Farm
  • Maasai Cultural Center
  • Shop in Arusha
  • 6:30 pm:  arrive at KIA
  • 9:30 pm:  Fly out of Kilimanjaro


Aug 18

  • 7:40 am:  arrive in Amsterdam
  • 10:20 am:  leave Amsterdam
  • 12:15 pm:  arrive Minneapolis
  • 3:20 pm:  leave Minneapolis
  • 4:20 pm:  arrive in Des Moines


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