March 2017 Trip Itinerary

Carol is traveling with many people on this trip. My count is at least ten, though they are focusing on different things during their trip. Sheri Krumm is also on the trip and you may be able to follow her postings and photos on FB.

Below is a listing of the places planned for the trip. As is usually the case, everything was up for revision.

Proposed Itinerary for March 2017 Trip to Tanzania
Mon 3/6/17 Arrival at KIA then Uhuru Hostel for an over night KIA then Uhuru Hostel Moshi Via Elrancho
Tue 3/7/17 Sheri and Carol proceed to Same Nzoroko Hotel Same
Wed 3/8/17 Planning meeting regarding IFP Nzoroko Hotel
Th 3/9/17 Visiting Pangaro to see the Clinic, the water project and meeting with Birth attendants – Lunch at Pangaro – Dinner at the kitimoto place near Same town Pangaro
Fri 3/10/17 Visiting Masandare to meet with IFP farmers and committee Masandare
Sat 3/11/17 Meeting with Hedaru companionship committee and any other business then back to Nzoroko Hedaru
Sun 3/12/17 Meeting with Children Club, Teachers, Committee, Parents, local government and church leaders – Attending church service then back to Same visiting open market commonly called -“KWASAKWASA” Msindo
Mon 3/13/17 Visiting Hedaru: Meeting IFP farmers, committee, Katahe, Korehema orphanage, water project – (gravity) etc. Hedaru
Tue 3/14/17 Depature of Sheri and Carol Same
Wed 3/15/17 Return Home – See Flight Itinerary
Abbreviation Stands For
KIA Kilimanjaro International Airport
IFP Integrated Farming Projects




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