Arrived Safe and Sound

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At about 2AM central standard time this morning (3/6/17), Carol sent the following:

Made it to Amsterdam. All doing fine. Met up with 6 of our people.

As mentioned earlier, this trip has many people going. It appears about half of the group met them in Amsterdam.

Than about 1PM CST this afternoon, she sent the following:

We arrived to TZ fine. Waiting for someone to get the visa then off to dinner

Of course, by now, I’m presuming everyone is fast asleep. It’s just nice to know they made it safely!


Another Trip to Tanzania Underway!

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As you can see from the photo (one I took from a FB post from Sheri), Carol and Sheri are among those traveling to Tanzania on this trip. The last word I had is they had made their connections and were on their way to Amsterdam!



Photos from 2016 Tanzania Trip – Initial Set

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Here are some pictures that I couldn’t get sent while in TZ.

School in Session

School in Session

How many kids can you get in one desk?

water and grass... where's the road?

Water and grass… where’s the road?

The rainy season came quite early this year.  This was a problem for the farmers, as they did not have their fields planted, and they were not sure if the rains would continue.

never travel without a machete

Never travel without a Machete

The early rain was also a problem for us, as the roads were tricky to navigate.  Potholes are hidden and we got stuck in one for about an hour as the driver had to jack up the car, and cut down a young tree to fill the pothole.

The really annoying part of getting stuck was the swarm of tsetse flies that filled the car.  They seemed to be quite hungry, and no amount of clothing or bug spray would deter them.

The mud did afford us the opportunity to see some interesting animal tracks:

IMG_6769 IMG_6808The top photo here is of lion tracks.  The driver said it looked like a male and female pair.  The bottom tracks are elephant tracks, and some kind of antelope, (I think).  We saw the elephant, many deer/antelope animals, but did not see the lions.

IMG_6502Here is the orphanage in Hedaru where we are going to put a roof-top rain water catchment system.  This building has a nice metal roof, so we will install gutters and a large water tank to hold the rain water.

IMG_6553Cute kids playing together.

making dinner

I don’t know this couple, but it was a classic moment of Tanzania life.  I love how this couple is working together.

IMG_6400This is a bunch of people waiting in line for water, and all their buckets.  After they get water, they have to carry it home; usually the women carry it home on their heads.

IMG_6928How’s that for a view?

Travelers Headed Home

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It appears our weary travelers have started the last leg of their adventure.

They returned to the airport this morning and were able to retrieve all of their luggage.

The gang, with all their bags - Ready for the road

Having rented a vehicle, the shot below shows them headed for Iowa and home.

Headed Home

Hopefully, they will all be spending tonight in their own beds!


(photos pulled from FB posts)

Winding, Ever-Changing Path Home

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I thought I would update folks on the return trip of our weary travelers.

They made it to Minneapolis, though the plane did some interesting course adjustments to buy the time needed to clear the run way.

Landing Path into Minneapolis from Amsterdam

Landing Path into Minneapolis from Amsterdam

When they landed, they  learned the flight from Minneapolis to Des Moines was still on time. They made it onto the plane for home but, as Carol’s note below states, they were called back to the gate after sitting on the tarmac for an hour (dealing with de-icing).

The flight option offered by the airline brought with it more risk of missed connection. After some discussion, the travelers have opted to wait till the roads are open in the morning and drive home.


PS – Carol’s Facebook update is below (in italics).

Well, made it from Kilimanjaro to Dar es Salaam, changed seats on the same plane and went to Amsterdam.

Then to Minneapolis to sit on the Tarmac for an hour, only to have the flight cancelled.

Now in a hotel till tomorrow. Our flight to Des Moines is at 6:30 am and goes through Detroit. Only a 45 minute layover in Detroit, so with de-icing, we could easily miss that connection.

Seems a bit ridiculous, so we are renting a car in the morning and driving home. Or that’s the plan…

Traveling Around Tanzania and Getting Home

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As Carol, Sheri and the travelers make their way home, it appears the biggest challenge may be the last leg. With the planned return time in the middle of a winter storm warning issued for Tuesday (Feb 2, 2016), it’s likely going to be hard to predict when they’ll be back home.

Limited access to wi-fi restricted the number of photos Carol was able to send during the trip. Along a traveling theme, I thought I would share one of the few photos that came through. (Expect more after she gets back!) It shows a road construction site.

Road Construction in Same

Road Construction in Same

I will admit I find the sign pretty funny – “Humps Ahead.”

Here’s hoping the last legs of the journey are as smooth as possible.


Game Drive in Tarangire Park

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We are doing well here.  We are doing a safari today before heading to the airport. After working for 10 days we need a “weekend” day!
Yesterday I learned how much I hate Tsi Tsi flies. I killed 53. We got stuck in the mud, and the driver had to cut down some small trees to put under the wheels. But we also saw some amazing animals.
Photo of Elephants
Hope all is well. See you soon. 333!
(received February 1, 3:30am)